Indiecam at IBC 2013



Visit Indiecam at IBC 2013,
Booth 11.A65!

At IBC 2013 we are showcasing our fabulous mini-cameras and our latest innovations. Come and see us at
booth 11.A65!

Broadcast: indieUIP (Indiecam Universal Image Processor)
Introducing this powerful but still miniscule standalone Image Processor. We have completely reworked the image processing chain
including demosaicing algorithms, colour science and noise management delivering now even better and pristine images from our tiny cameras.
The indieUIP is the size of a camera-head, features one 3G-HDSDI input and two 3G-HDSDI outputs, processes our RAW-Over-SDI formats,
supports 2k, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 outputs, 3D-LUTs and up to 120 fps. The indieUIP is available now!

RAW: indieGS2K recording on Odyssey and Gemini 4:4:4
Introducing full RAW-recording support for our cameras on the Convergent Design Odyssey and Gemini 4:4:4 recorders.
Gemini 4:4:4
recorders are the best and most powerful solution to record native CinemaDNG RAW footage
from up to 4 indieGS2K cameras simultaneously. They feature rich metadata & timecode support as well as simple and sophisticated workflows.
Recording times start at 90 minutes per camera per SSD-module! 2k & 120p modes also supported. Come and see sample footage and our hands-on workflow demonstrations at the booth!

CinemaDNG Workflow: Pomfort Cliphouse & DaVinci Resolve
See the latest CinemaDNG RAW workflows at our booth with
Pomforts ClipHouse
softwares as well as CinemaDNG options in
DaVinci Resolve.

We are also excited to announce new attractive prices! Please come and talk to us for a package that will certainly fit your project.