360° art museum – VR experience


Client: Austria Tourism
Production: Golden Girls Filmproduktion
Producer: Raphael Barth
Release: 2017

We are very proud to be part of this exciting and innovative project, which was created in collaboration with Austria Tourism and the Museum of Art History Vienna.

This innovative VR experience shot on nakedEYE gives insights into the Museum of Art History Vienna, which regular visitors would never be able to get. In this virtual stroll around the museum you can choose between three different plots: You can either follow the kids into the art gallery, join an art student in the sculptures room or observe the restorer working on a painting of the exceptional artist Rubens, which is getting prepared for the big special exhibition.

Interactive storytelling in connection with hotspots make this production unique. Throughout the experience more than twenty interactive hotspots appear, enabling you to explore the art exhibition even further. In addition, the specifically composed music underlines the atmosphere and completes the experience in order to make it feel like you actually are at the Museum of Art History Vienna.

The film was produced by Raphael Barth and his production company Golden Girls Filmproduktion. The shooting was conducted on a feature film setup with a large professional feature film crew, several actors and many extras. A special VR dolly was built for the tracking shots and the production was implemented with full ambisonic sound recording. The production was mastered in 3D spatial audio for all platforms.


Check out the best-of video on Youtube by clicking on the picture above. The experience is available to download for free at Viveport.