Partner: Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institut, Berlin

One of the most advanced 360° systems worldwide is without doubt the OMNICAM of Fraunhofer’s Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin. Each system is based on 10 units of our indieGS2Ks and an HHI proprietary Real-Time-Stitching-Engine, that provides realtime panorama video of previously unseen quality.

The OMNICAM paves the way for interactive immersive applications in a resolution of 10.000×2000 pixel with realtime playback. Other unique aspects of the system are its light weight and small handheld size as well as the mirror-array, that allows shots even in small spaces virtually without any parallax errors.

The OMNICAM was recently used to film the FIFA Soccer World Cup Finals in Brasil and we are proud that our cameras were part of this high profile production. Read the entire story in the FIFA press release here (FIFA Press Release).

For pictures from other high-profile productions visit HHI´s project resumee page.

Images © Fraunhofer HHI