Our cameras are the fastest, smallest, most versatile, global shutter action and POV cameras currently available. They can often be seen on major feature films, commercials, and high profile TV productions. Our cameras are also used for state-of-the-art immersive 360° virtual reality systems.

These cameras are the perfect tools for all applications demanding highest image quality and minimal weight at tight dimensions.



The recorders listed here support recording CinemaDNG-RAW directly from our cameras. With CinemaDNG you gain the highest quality through from our cameras through a simple HDSDI connection.

Indiecam is one of the founding development partners behind CinemaDNG which is today a widely accepted open source RAW format in the film industry.


Odyssey 7Q+

Native CinemaDNG Recording

Hyperdeck Shuttle

instantRAW Recording



Besides high-quality cameras, Indiecam manufactures essential accessories which speed up your workflow. These accessories introduce professional feature film and broadcast style usability to miniature action camera shots.


LTE streaming field units


Camera Remote Control


Miniature Lens Motors



Third Party Products

Indiecam’s products are compliant to film and broadcast industry standards and can be matched with most third party products. We are offering a selection of especially useful equipment to achieve the ultimate results from you action cam and virtual reality productions.

Lenses & Adapters

Miniature Lenses

cmotion cvolution

Wireless Lens Control

360° Rigs

360° VR Solutions


Mirror Rig

3D Solutions


Lightweight Cranes



These software packages unlock the Indiecam instantRAW-workflow. They can be used in combination with all of our cameras and the Hyperdeck Shuttle recorder.



instantRAW Playback on OSX


RAW Converter Software


Legacy Products

Here you can find our legacy products which have been used on major productions like Ron Howard’s Rush. Those systems are not available anymore, but our successors are ideal for every shot that demands the highest possible image quality.