instantRaw Player

indieIRP - instantRAW Player
  • instant review of instantRAW footage
  • realtime playback from the SSD or your backup media
  • works on MAC OS X 10.6.8 or higher
  • 64 Bit Support
  • Java Runtime (JRE 6 or higher)

The Indiecam InstantRAW-Player is a software player for instant on-set review of Quicktime files containing RAW footage. Use this software for playback of instantRAW QuickTime files that were recorded with the Hyperdeck Shuttle.

You can playback these files in realtime directly from the SSDs or your backup media in full colour and with adjustable image properties (gamma, etc.), framerate, and full play, pause, ffw/rew, and frame-by-frame controls.

This software will speed up and benefit the work of all DOPs, ACs, DITs, and of course directors and producers, who need an instant review of the RAW footage shot just a minute ago.


Quick Start Guide