Client: ŠKODA Auto
Production: Brainz VR
Release: 2017

The ŠKODA AUTO Heritage VR experience is a 8-minute-long experience that takes you on a unique ride in time. First of all, the founders of the car brand Škoda, Laurin and Klement, will give you a guided tour of Prague’s Old Town’s most fascinating sights. Later you’ll have the chance to sit behind the wheel of the fabulous car Škoda Laurin & Klement 110. The 5-minute-long ride takes you to Prague Castle.

Brainz VR created this unique experience and used our nakedEYE for the monumental single-shot 360° filming. The terrain of the set was rough so they needed to create their own shooting “runabout”, which was equipped with a stabilisation mechanism. The whole ride needed to be shot in one take, so a perfect coordination of all actors and assistants was needed. All were instructed on how to behave towards the “invisible” car in the field so their interactions with it look natural and real. Another obstacle was the impossible amount of regular traffic and tourists, so the shooting had to be done in a limited stretch of time between sunrise and 9 AM the latest. To create a perfect overall sensory experience, an ambisonic microphone was used during the ride. This special device collects all kinds of sounds from the surroundings so they can be incorporated into the footage via postproduction.

To find out more about this project head over to the ŠKODA.


Check out the case study on Youtube by clicking on the picture above. The experience is available to download for free at Viveport.