Nationalpark 360°

Production: ScienceVision Filmproduktions GmbH
Release: 2013

Austria’s Alpine National Park Center Hohe Tauern Mittersill is one of the most popular purpose built 360°-Panorama-Cinemas in Central Europe, attracting hundreds and thousands of visitors per day during peak seasons. Hohe Tauern is a National Park comprised of a vast and unique glacial landscape of unspoiled natural wonder.

In this 360° cinema you can watch a stunning, immersive 360°-Film that was produced over the course of more than one year and features breathtaking views of the four seasons in one of the most beautiful Alpine National Parks in the world.

A special camera-rig was conceived in a joint effort by production company Science Vision, mechanical specialist Solid Camera and camera manufacturer Indiecam. Indiecam provided eight indiePOV cameras, the RAW-Recording infrastructure, the multi-camera-control system, and special development and service facilities.

This unparalleled film project communicates the experience of the protected plant and animal life previously only accessible to seasoned climbers. With the help of this cinema visitors gain access to inaccessible summits, swim with trout in alpine streams, feel the ice cracking and water dripping in glacier caves, among other scenes.

The film is projected in with nine HD projectors and is housed in an innovative purpose built circular cinema building of 16 metres in diametre. AV-installation was planned and carried out by pro-media.

Indiecam is proud to be part of this innovative project.

Images © ScienceVision

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Partner: Nationalpark Hohe Tauern I Science Vision