TARGA - LTE broadcast streaming field units
  • realtime HD LTE & Network streaming
  • ultra small
  • high bitrate up to 30Mbps
  • supports simultaneous dual video streaming
  • supports HD-SDI as well as HDMI
  • HDSDI & HDMI streaming decoder available


Indiecam´s TARGA field units are ultra small professional streaming devices that are especially designed to enable TV broadcast directly into an LTE network (4G and 4,5G) and to regular IP-network connections.

TARGA-TRANSMITTER allows realtime video transmission into the cloud or into any broadcast studio in the world in real time and with an incredible low latency in the encoder. It provides 3G HDSDI and HDMI connectivity – any type of camera can be connected. Broadcast features include a superior high bitrate encoding at up to 30Mbps, a built in video-scaler, Intercom, wide range DC-IN, and many more. There are many professional options available as upgrades. These include genlock out, custom metadata, CAN-interface for in-vehicle applications, serial interfaces to control additional other devices of any kind from TARGA, and many more. Project oriented custom features can be easily integrated due to the flexibility of the system. The unit is battery powered with a built in rechargeable battery. It works without any cables to support easy mounting on vehicles, humans, animals, sports equipment or any other moving object.

TARGA-TRANSMITTER has dedicated functions to be able to work correctly on critical networks like LTE. TARGA supports simultaneous dual video streaming. For instance, one high resolution stream can be routed to a broadcast infrastructure and one low resolution SD stream can be used for previewing.


Both streams are H.264 encoded and entirely individually configurable. Furthermore, both streams can be recorded on local flash storage in the field unit for remote playback and safety backup. Therefore, no critical moment, for example a goal, will be lost and your precious content is always preserved and accessible through the network.

Users can route the high end content streams to any location and streaming platform worldwide. The streams can also be routed directly to user who can view the content directly on any device (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC, etc.).

TARGA-RECEIVER is a portable broadcast decoder, which converts any H.264 stream into HDSDI and HDMI signals. With this device it is easy to receive TARGA-streams and directly inject them into a traditional SDI-based broadcast environment.

But TARGA-RECEIVER is much more. It enables the producer to use content generated by audiences, crowds, participants, eye-witnesses and enforcement-agencies directly and potentially live and easily within an traditional infrastructure.

Both TARGA devices are highly configurable for use in professional broadcast environments and large networks.






Technical Data Volltage Supply Battery powered: 12V-25V
External power supply: 9V- 36V (no battery)
Power consumption ~8W
Live time with build in battery ~2h
Weight 600g (incl. built in battery)
Size 120mm x 105mm x 38mm (LxWxH)
 Size OEM 120mm x 98mm x 20mm (LxWxH)
Interfaces HD-SDI Input BNC
HDMI Input (A, Standard)
HDMI Output (A, Standard)
Audio Input (3.5mm mini jack)
Audio Output (3.5mm mini jack)
Ethernet 10/100
USB2.0 Host
microSD Card Slot
Antenna SMA (2 x)
Power Supply 3 pin DC jack
optional Genlock Out
RS485 and RS232
CAN Bus Interface Protocol 2.0 part A and B, Bitrates up to 1MBit/s
LTE sticks and protocols 1080i 50/59.94/60
1080p 23.98/24/25/30
720p 50/59.98/60
Compression Algorithm Baseline, Main and High Profile H.264
Bit Rate 200 Kbps to 30 Mbps
Built in Video Scaler and Deinterlacer
Audio Compression  AAC-LC
Embedded Audio Output
Supports 700MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz, 1,7 GHz, 1,8 GHz, 2,1 GHz and 2,6 GHz

Transmitter FrontP4141385

 Transmitter Back

Receiver Front

Receiver BackP4141387