Indiecam at NAB2014

Introducing morpho Image Processor at NAB2014

Indiecam at NAB2014

Visit us at booth C12430!

We are proud to announce our new palm-sized and unique HDSDI 3G Image Processor and LUT-Box morphoIt adds pristine 3G broadcast video output to our amazingly small cameras.

Come and see the World´s smallest 2k-RAW camera, our indieGS2K. It is currently used on numerous major productions and has proven itself on films like Ron Howard's RUSH and IN THE HEART OF THE SEA.

It features Global Shutter, 120fps, RAW-Over-HDSDI recording and there is no need for a CCU! We would be happy to demonstrate our production proven CinemaDNG-workflow on Convergent Design´s ODYSSEY Recorder to you as well.

Use our Guest Pass Code for free admission: LV9275

Booth C12430, April 7-10, Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA


Universal Image Processor

  • 3G-HDSDI
  • Superior Debayering
  • Proprietary Demosaicing Algorithms
  • Sophisticated Detail Enhancer (adjustable)
  • Advanced Noise Management (adjustable)
  • White Balance
  • RGB Black Balance
  • Full Gamma Control
  • Color Matrix (adjustable)
  • 2D LUTs
  • 3D LUT
  • 3G HDSDI-RAW and 422  Input 
  • 3G 422 Output up to 2K 60p
  • HDSDI Loop-Out
    (for RAW recording and daisy-chaining)
  • Display and Selection Wheel
  • USB, Serial, Wireless Communication
  • Battery powered
  • Size only 130 x 50 x 50 mm
    (5.1 x 1.9 x 1.9 inch)
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