SIGGRAPH 2017: HDRI Lightprobes in seconds
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SIGGRAPH 2017: nakedEYE HDRi

Visit us at Booth 950!

The Indiecam team just arrived in sunny Los Angeles for the largest annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques - SIGGRAPH 2017. We would be thrilled to meet you there!

Here is a taste of what you can find at our booth 950 South Hall.

Animal Logic uses Indiecam's nakedEYE HDRi system   

Together with award-winning animation and visual effects studio Animal Logic we developed an efficient pipeline for automated, high dynamic range (HDR) light probes. Animal Logic uses the nakedEYE HDRi system for the hybrid live-action/animated feature film Peter Rabbit.

Catching Light, Sunday 30 July, 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm, Room 153

We are excited to invite you to Animal Logic's talk Automated Light Probes From Capture to Render for "Peter Rabbit". We will be participating in a talk by Animal Logic's Daniel Heckenberg, Steve Agland and Jean-Pascal Leblanc who will be discussing their work on their current, in-production project, Peter Rabbit. The talk will cover their experiences on the highly efficient pipeline for automated, high-dynamic-range light probes that was especially developed for this project. Using our specially developed “360°” spherical camera system allows on-set acquisition at more positions and in less time than traditional techniques. Reduced capture time, drastically simplified stitching and a custom multiple-exposure RAW to HDR process minimizes artefacts in the resulting light probe images.
A semi-automated system for recovering clipped radiance in direct sunlight was developed using surfaces with known reflectance properties. Finally by recording capture location and orientation and combining with other scene data Animal Logic can produce automated rendering setups using the light probes for illumination and projection onto 3d render geometry.
nakedEYE HDRi: lightprobes in seconds

At SIGGRAPH we showcase our latest solution: nakedEYE HDRi, a specialised camera system for creating spherical 360° HDRi shots and sequences used for CGI and VFX lighting.

It allows for highly automated and very quick recordings of large exposure brackets. nakedEYE HDRi also provides timer functions (delayed recording start) and the recording of bracket sequences for moving shots and timelapse. Moreover, all settings and values are stored permanently in the system until they are changed by the user.
Another great feature is that the camera system records images in the uncompressed RAW format CinemaDNG as it's built on our nakedEYE VR-camera system. nakedEYE is a professional VR-camera of miniscule size. It's a high quality, high resolution, full 360° VR-capture system for the production of cinematic content. nakedEYE is the best solution for unique POV-style VR-shots from moving objects, vehicles, athletes and remote locations, immersing the viewer in extraordinary experiences from the most thrilling viewpoints.
Get your own nakedEYE now!

Also on display: indieDICE world's smallest 2/3" 3G-SDI Camera

IndieDICE is our latest amazingly small global shutter HDSDI camera for Broadcast and Film Production. It's based on a global shutter sensor of the latest generation with 12 stops dynamic range - at an exceptionally economical price. The camera is fully self-contained and does not need a CCU for operation or control as everything is integrated in the tiny body.

indieDICE  is the ideal module for compact and elaborate Live-Virtual-Reality-Rigs. It is also available in angled and OEM versions and can be mechanically positioned very close together in every conceivable arrangement. Full synchronisation, global shutter, 60fps and sophisticated remote control options enable streamlined production workflows and facilitate stitching and Live-VR-Production.

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If you are in LA today and spontaneous, come and check out our talk at SIGGRAPH 2017 and visit us at Booth 950 to learn more about our nakedEYE HDRi camera system, nakedEYE and indieDICE !

With my best regards
Raphael Barth

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