Cannes Marché du Film 2017

Cannes Marché du Film 2017: interactive storytelling engine for VR
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Cannes Marché du Film 2017:
interactive storytelling engine for VR

Visit us at NEXT in Palais des Festivals, Level -1, Aisle 14 Booth C
May 17-21, from 09:00 to 18:30

The Marché du Film is around the corner and we would be thrilled to meet you there! Indiecam will showcase an immersive VR-Vienna 360° art experience as well as new exciting products and solutions for professional film and broadcast production.
At our booth at NEXT we invite you to dive into an immersive virtual reality experience, which is set in the Museum of Art History Vienna. Afterwards, we are happy to share some insight about the production and you have the chance to get a hands on experience of nakedEYE - our tiny production-proven professional VR-camera, which was used for the production of this art experience.
Cutting-edge interactive 360° storytelling

This innovative VR experience shot with nakedEYE gives insights into the Museum of Art History Vienna, which regular visitors would never be able to get. In this virtual stroll around the museum you can choose between three different plots: You can either follow the kids into the art gallery, join an art student in the sculptures room or observe the restorer working on a painting of the exceptional artist Rubens, which is getting prepared for the big special exhibition starting in October.
Interactive storytelling in connection with hotspots make the film unique. Throughout the experience, that can be viewed either in German or English, more than 20 interactive hotspots appear, enabling you to explore the art exhibition even further. In addition, the specifically composed music underlines the atmosphere and completes the experience in order to make it feel like you actually are at the Museum of Art History Vienna.
The film was produced by Raphael Barth and his production company Golden Girls Filmproduktion. The shooting was conducted on a feature film like setup, with a large professional feature film crew, several actors and many extras. It was a great collaboration with the Museum of Art History, which supported the production tremendously. A special dolly was built for the tracking shots and the production was implemented with full ambisonic sound recording. The production was mastered in 3D Spatial Audio for all platforms.
Professional VR-camera of miniscule size

Our camera nakedEYE is a high quality, high resolution, full 360° VR-capture system for the production of cinematic VR content. It is the best solution for unique POV-style VR-shots from moving objects, vehicles, athletes and remote locations, immersing the viewer in extraordinary experiences from the most thrilling viewpoints. It has been used in many high-end projects already.
nakedEYE features two large format global shutter sensors of the latest generation with superior dynamic range and excellent low-light performance. The square high speed sensors have a resolution of 2k x 2k each and are fully synchronised. Furthermore, you have full control over all camera settings at all time.

nakedEYE covers the entire 360° sphere in a resolution of 4k while measuring only 80mm (3.15in) in diameter and weighing a mere 380g (13.4oz).

The robust system records CinemaDNG RAW-files, the industry-leading RAW-format which was spearheaded by Indiecam. It now proves to be the best choice for high-end capture from cameras with a small footprint – even in VR.

Indiecam provides a streamlined post-production workflow for nakedEYE, leveraging state-of-the-art stitching algorithms and the benefits of a high-end RAW-workflow.

indieDICE: Worlds smallest 2/3" 3G-SDI Camera

Our latest amazingly small camera is indieDICE, a small global shutter HDSDI camera for Broadcast and Film Production. It is based on a global shutter sensor of the latest generation with 12 stops dynamic range - at an exceptionally economical price. The camera is fully self-contained and does not need a CCU for operation or control. Everything is integrated in the tiny body.

Two HD-BNC connectors output pristine and individual HDSDI signals in YUV 4:2:2 and/or RAW. A third HD-BNC connector accepts Trilevel-Sync Genlock signals for easy synchronisation of multiple cameras.

Come and visit us at the Marché du Film 2017, at NEXT in the Palais des Festivals, Level -1 Booth 14.C to check out our VR experience and to learn more about nakedEYE  and indieDICE !

With my best regards
Raphael Barth

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