Indiecam & THE MINIRIG

The Minirig, conceived and built by Christian Meyer and Thomas Brenneis, is the smallest beamsplitter 3D-Rig for the most dynamic shots. It is the most compact 3D RAW-Solution when rigged with our indieGS2K raw-cameras recording in 3D to a Gemini444 in CinemaDNG.

At NAB 2013 we will show the Minirig equipped with indieGS2Ks and a Gemini444. Come and check it out at our booth C12730!

Christian and Thomas of Two-Eye-Tech recently completed several short-film productions with the Minirig and two indieGS2Ks proving that this combo is ready for creating stunning 3D shots on your next 3D production.

Check out those amazingly small Tech-Specs below!

The Minirig is designed for C-Mount lenses with a maximum nodal height of 30 mm.

It is a perfect fit for the indieGS422, indieGS2K and indiePOV.




  • Mini Beamsplitter Rig
  • Dimensions without cameras in mm (W x H x L): 270 x 280 x 260
  • Weight without cameras in kg: 2.6
  • IA adjustable: 0 – 70mm
  • Convergence adjustable: -1° – 2.5°
  • separate alignment elements for tilt, roll and height
  • included Set of ND filters (0.3 – 1.2), other filters on request
  • mounting bracket, which can be positioned exactly under the center of gravity
  • adjustable handgrip