nakedEYE is a high quality, high resolution, full 360° VR-capture system for the production of professional-grade cinematic VR content. It features two large format global shutter sensors of the latest generation with superior dynamic range and excellent low-light performance. The square high speed sensors have a resolution of 2kx2k each and are fully synchronized. Furthermore, you have full control over all camera settings all the time.


The tiny camera covers the entire 360° sphere in a resolution of 4k while measuring only 79mm (3.09in) in diameter and weighing a mere 380g (13.4oz). The robust system records CinemaDNG RAW-files, the industry-leading RAW-format which was spearheaded by Indiecam. It now proves to be the best choice for high-end capture from cameras with a small footprint – even in VR.



Resolution 360° – 4k
Modes CinemaDNG RAW
Shutter Global
Dimensions 79mm (diameter)
Weight 380 g



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