Omnicam 360° Rig

One of the most advanced 360° systems worldwide is without doubt the OMNICAM of Fraunhofer’s Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin. Each system is based on 10 units of our indieGS2Ks and an HHI proprietary Real-Time-Stitching-Engine, that provides realtime panorama video of previously unseen quality.


The OMNICAM paves the way for interactive immersive applications in a resolution of 10.000 × 2000 pixel with realtime playback. Other unique aspects of the system are its light weight and small handheld size as well as the mirror-array, that allows shots even in small spaces virtually without any parallax errors.




mounted cameras 10x indieGS2K
Stitching Realtime
Resolution 10.000 × 2000



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