Oscars and Indiecam

2 Oscar winners + 1 Indiecam = Movie magic!

Indiecam chosen by Anthony Dod Mantle for Danny Boyle’s new feature film ‘Trance’

Although every detail about Danny Boyle’s latest movie is
covered in a shroud of plot protecting secrecy, there is one
exciting detail we may reveal: A high proportion of ‘Trance’
has been shot with the IndiePOV. After testing a wide range
of mini cameras the IndiePOV was Anthony Dod Mantle’s first
choice for partnership along with another leading digital
camera. The cinematographer was impressed by the
camera’s superb image quality which is obtained using the
brand new Indiecam 12bit RAW workflow.

Danny Boyle and Anthony Dod Mantle are renowned for
their innovative storytelling and their quest for the highest
quality images. In this respect IndiePOV is the perfect match
for their latest film. The handy and lightweight 180g camera
facilitates shots in any kind of situation and is exceptionally
flexible when it comes to narrow sets and extreme angles.

During elaborate Test-Shootings and subsequent screenings
at a prime Soho post production house the IndiePOV
passed the most rigorous of colour grading tests with
flying colours. DOPs, camera assistants and colour grading
artists were amazed by its superior quality big screen

For picture quality the IndiePOV is a perfect match to its
bigger camera counterpart on the set of “Trance”, making
a seamless transition between shots of the two cameras. It
is small and light with perfect sight!

As anticipation for the release of Trance increases, watch
this space for future images and sample footage of our
cameras in action!

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Indiecam InstantRAW-Player (indieIRP)

The highest image quality is obtained by using our unique
Instant-RAW workflow that delivers stunning 12 Bit cinema
images. Using standard uncompressed recording techno-
logy, the RAW images are captured to a standard SSD in
Quicktime format.

Today, we are introducing a new software player for instant
on-set review of these Quicktime files containing RAW footage.
You can now play back these files in realtime directly
from the SSDs or your backup media in full colour and with
adjustable image properties (gamma, etc.), framerate, and
full play, pause, ffw/rew, and frame-by-frame controls.

This software will speed up and benefit the work of all
DOPs, ACs, DITs, and of course directors and producers,
who need an instant review of the RAW footage shot just
a minute before.

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