The indieMORPHO is a palm-sized and unique HDSDI 3G Image Processor and LUT-Box morpho. It adds pristine 3G broadcast 4:2:2 video output to our amazingly small cameras. It can be connected via 3HDSDI and auto detects the signals and metadata coming from the camera.



Video IN 3G HDSDI RAW & 422 (auto sensing)
Video OUT 3G HDSDI, up to 2k 60p
HDSDI Loop Out (for RAW recording & daisy chaining)
Processing Superior Debayering
Proprietary Demosaicing Algorithms
Sophisticated Detail Enhancer (adjustable)
Advanced Noise Management (adjustable)
White Balance, paint RGB
RGB Black Balance
Full Gamma Control
Black Gamma
Color Matrix (adjustable)




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