indieKIT GS2K

What's in the KIT:


1     indieGS2K
2     C-mount cap
3     Lens 8,5mm
4     Lens Cap
5     Baseplate
6     indie cable loom HDSDI
7     D-Tap Power for GS2K
8     D-Tap 3x Multiplier
9     Odyssey7Q+
10   SSD
11   indieREMOTE
12   Screwdrivers
13   Transport Case


Product Description

IndieGS2K  store_indie_gs2k
C-mount cap
 Lens 8,5mm  
 Lens Cap
 indie cable loom HDSDI  bnc_din
D-Tap Power for GS2K  bnc_din
 D-Tap 3x Multiplier  bnc_din
SSD  Solid State Drive SATA 2.5″
 indieREMOTE  store_remote
Allen  Screwdriver  0.9mm Screwdriver for Backfocus
Crosstip Screwdriver  for baseplate & indieREMOTE
 Case  Ultra-High-Impact-ABS Plastic Case

Additional Information


Necessary power cables are included

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